Reading Guide for Verano the Fish

We (my son and I) presented Verano the Fish to his class yesterday for Book Day, and we handed out a reading guide for it, to show the kids how we made it.

Verano the Fish: a reading guide
Verano the Fish: a reading guide

It was accompanied by a short Keynote presentation (since the illustrations for the book and book itself live on the iPad we did it all from the one device) and the main goal was to show these second graders how they could create their own book from their own stories.

We even showed them a sneak peek of a Read Aloud version we’ve been working on, in which the kids provide the audio soundtrack while the words are being highlighted for young readers.

All-in-all it was a fun little event.

You can download the reading guide yourself: Download the Reading Guide for your classroom [PDF]

You can also download the Keynote (upon request, I suppose), but it’s a little less useful, because it’s very few words, with a lot of explanation, and I haven’t put any of that in the notes or anything.