Nin and Ja

So we have a little family story, along the lines of “Verano the Fish” only much, much, much longer running.

It’s called “Nin and Ja,” for lack of a better title. It follows the adventures of these two boys, good friends, and sometimes their sisters, and the boys names are, for lack of a better names, Nin and Ja. As our kids have grown, so have Nin and Ja, usually a step or two behind where our own are. So these guys, they’ve just entered school.

And this is the sort of thing that’s typical of their stories:

Well, that old saying, “If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump off it, too?” were “if three of your classmates leapt out the window into a yarn spaceship, would you do it?” the answer would be quite different, as all the kids in the classroom bolted from their desks.

Coming soon to an ebook store near you?