Ask Me a Question on Goodreads

I don’t know why on God’s Green Earth you’d want to, but you can now ask me questions on Goodreads.

As of now there’s no limit of one per customer, and I’ll try to get to the questions every day, unless I forget.

Like Millions of Tiny Questions
Like Millions of Tiny Questions

C’mon, surely you had burning questions about “The Man in my Nostril,” or “The History of the Mayan Ball League,” or where Sane Magazine went for so long.

So fire ’em away. Heck, questions are not limited to my own particular creations. Ask me why I spent the last two months staring at the pages of Days of Rage, by Brad Taylor, and why didn’t I stop earlier, when there’s so much else out there to read? Ask me why sea otters may be my favorite animal. There are so so so many questions out there. Some have answers, and for some I’m more than happy to make up an answer.

So go ahead, ask me a question.