Literary Agent News!

It’s finally, at long last, happened (I credit the chicken that I sacrificed the other night in a vat of boiling water with onions, carrots, leeks, and more)!

IFR Literary
IFR Literary

I have signed with I.F. Raud Literary Agency LLC, whose illustrious clients include J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Lenny the Bowler, Dan Brown, and Danielle Steele.

Butterfly, a novel, which had been retitled William Murphy’s Trip to the Quiet Room, has been retitled Lunchtime at the Sancho Panza Hotel, and is no longer about an ex-hockey player but a young female lawyer in the Northwest who finds love in all the wrong places and then in the right place, but the wrong time. Her twin sister, a basketball star for the WNBA’s Sacramento franchise, also finds love, not the same love… or is it? The part formerly played by William’s ex-teammate Germaine has transformed into a puppy, with whom the lawyer spends many poignant hours speaking to in a Dear Diary-type fashion as she walks the mist-shrouded beaches of a suburb of Seattle.


I.F. Raud, herself, will be representing me and not her (by all accounts) useless intern, Mathilda. Already we’re in talks with Harper Collins about a sequel and Paramount for the film rights. As you can imagine, I’m over the moon about this news and can’t wait to start pumping out sequels for you folks.

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