Short Fiction

The History of the Mayan Ball League

The History of the Mayan Ball LeagueThis is the story of the very first professional sports league and the longest lockout of any organized sport in the history of the world. It has intrigue! Beheadings! World tours! Chickens! Ducks! You can’t really ask for more from a story than that.
The History of the Mayan Ball League The History of the Mayan Ball League The History of the Mayan Ball League The History of the Mayan Ball League

Just Add Water (And Extra Innings)

Final Fenway FictionPublished in the Final Fenway Fiction collection, “Just Add Water” is about becoming a fan, being a fan, and a run-in with the TSA.

The Long, Dark Voyage

Fenway FictionThe story in the first Fenway Fiction collection, “The Long, Dark Voyage” is about what really happened that winter after which Johnny Damon arrived at spring training with a full caveman-style beard on.



Sane Magazine

Sane MagazineSane Magazine is a now-dormant online magazine which was founded in 1991 in the back of a clam shack in Charlton, Massachusetts as the Q.I. Newsletter. In 1993 the Q.I. Newsletter moved online on the Vassar College Library’s Iberia servers and grew into an online behemoth at throughout the 90s and into the next century, publishing weekly fiction and horoscopes. In October of 2008 Sane Magazine was mothballed. Here are a few highlights from over the years:

Destiny Calling

Destiny Calling“Destiny Calling” is a story written after reading Kurt Vonnegut’s final novel, Timequake, and was started and completed shortly after the completion of my own Time, a novel. It is a story, a Coleridge-ian story, of a young woman and a young man in a room in Denver who are going in vastly different directions. And it is a story about doing things and things just happening. Download “Destiny Calling”

A Short Story

“A Short Story” is about sitting on the porch in the evening, when all of a sudden it hits you your kids are someday going to be doing the same thing you are, and you feel like you’re in a timelapse photograph until the light finally falls. “Many times she allowed the dark to fall upon them, refraining from lighting the lamp. The dark discreet room, their isolation, the music that still vibrated in their ears united them.” – “A Painful Case,” by James Joyce. Download “A Short Story”

The History of the Universe

“The History of the Universe” was written for one of the last issues of Vassatire, Vassar College’s satirical magazine. It’s a fun and possibly juvenile story about a cow rebellion, something which obviously held great meaning for me. Download “The History of…”