What Book Would You Read?

If I told you I had a book and you weren’t immediately frightened by that prospect (of me having a book, not me talking to you), which title would make you more likely to read it?

William Murphy's Trip to the Quiet Room
Only a suggestion

Answers on a postcard… or, preferably, sent by picking a button next to your choice above and hitting “Vote”.



Still no news on the agent front (besides mean-spirited April Fools jokes), just working out my email-sending fingers.

1 thought on “What Book Would You Read?

  1. I’ll hedge my bets by choosing one word from each of the listed options:

    Butterfly Murphy and the Bible Funtime

    “Butterfly” Murphy, an aging boxer from South Boston is down on his luck until he discovers a battered enchanted bible behind a dumpster. A bible that when opened in confined darkened spaces emits biblical stories in a style reminiscent of the 1970’s Hanna Barbera show, The Banana Splits.

    …or something like that.

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