About the Author

Matthew Hanlon is a graduate from the infamous Worcester County Young Writers’ Conference (’92) and has written about his fictional experience fighting a yak in New York City and a heck of a lot about baseball.

His main motivation for writing is that someday the Boston Red Sox will draft him as a starting pitcher. Logic was never his strong suit.

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Matthew Hanlon started out in nineteen aught seventy five and realized, quickly, that there was an extra aught in there, where it shouldn’t have been. No one had any idea how it got there, or what it was doing, it was just there.

So he ignored it, happily, or as happily as you can when you’ve got sand in your swimming trunks, which is a little bit like that aught was. Sand in your swimming trunks. Or rain on your wedding day. Which, coincidently, there was none. On Matthew Hanlon’s wedding day. To the chief person to whom he tells stories (besides himself).

The other chief people to whom he tells stories are far shorter than he, at present, and far cuter. This isn’t, as you might be imagining, a colony of midget hamster people living in his back closet and whom he keeps fed with an assortment of gummy bears and almonds. No, that’s not it at all.
And you, of course. He’s telling stories to you. He hasn’t (likely) met you, since he’s not allowed out very often, but he heard from a friend of a friend that you needed a story, or money, one of the two, and couldn’t remember which it was you needed, so he settled on a story or two. And he hopes that works out for you.


* (digitally only, as we said, he doesn’t get out much)