Out and About

Matthew Hanlon has a vibrant and exciting life, in and amongst the tubes of the Internet.


But other than camping outside his window, occasionally tossing him messages wrapped around marshmallows which you have toasted lightly because you found the message wrapped better when they were of that consistency and you knew that he liked them that way, this little website is the absolute best way to get your non-stop* fill of all things Matthew Hanlon.



* Warning: may stop from time to time.**




** [I can’t help but picture myself living in some sort of rotating house, rumbling around on some giant metal base throughout the course of the day, a horde of people on the steel apron that extends outside the house (for when I, or someone in the family, including those midget hamsters I mentioned earlier, want to step outside, stretch, and take in some fresh air outside our rotating house) with their tents and little campfires, good supply of marshmallow roasting equipment, and thermos bottles full of hot chocolate. This is not the case, sadly. Buy enough of my books, however, and I’ll work on making this a reality.]