Go On, Make My Saturday – Vote for Verano the Fish

Listen, there’s only a few hours left, but there’s still time for you, yes, you, to go vote in the Goodreads Choice Awards 2013 for Verano the Fish for Best Picture Book.

You can even download the book, for free, from Goodreads.com! This way you’ll possibly be even more informed than on the ballot where you just pick a name because you’ve seen their name on a lot of signs on people’s lawns*.

Verano in the sea
Verano in the sea, waiting for your vote


If Verano gets enough write-in votes today it’ll be listed, alongside with those other excellent picture books, in the semifinals starting November 11th and would fulfill a lifelong dream**.

So log into Goodreads.com, create an account if you need to, and go vote for Verano the Fish! Please?







* NB. This may or may not be how I vote. I am possibly not qualified to be a citizen. But I wrote a decent story about a fish, so I have that going for me.

** In this case, lifelong consists of the last week or so, in which I was made aware of the contest.