Vote for Verano the Fish! He’ll Feed Your Family for a Day!

Update: In the interest of ease-of-use, vote for Verano the Fish here: Best Picture Book category

It’s that wonderful time of year again, the Goodreads Choice Awards season!

Goodreads Choice Awards 2013
Goodreads Choice Awards 2013

This past year (according to the eligibility rules for the award, the year stretches from November, 2012 to November 2013 — this may be fallout from the Mayan Apocalypse) I’ve had two books… not quite published, let’s call them ‘released.’

The History of the Mayan Ball League was the first, coming shortly before the Mayan Apocalypse, which happened and did a real number on book sales, as everyone on the planet perished.

Verano the Fish came out in May, 2013 and is the lovely story of a little fish, his family, and a hapless fisherman. It’s written by me and illustrated by my family, which is good, because I couldn’t illustrate my way out of a paper bag.

Both books are a nice short length and, even better, both are *FREE*! Or at least they are on the platforms on which that sort of thing is allowed. Where I couldn’t make them free I made them as cheap as possible. I really, really wanted to make them more expensive in Belgium, because, well, they know what they did. But I didn’t.

So why am I writing you today, you ask?

Great question.

So I would like to humbly beg that, if you enjoyed either of those books, you would vote for them in the Goodreads Choice Awards 2013.

If you haven’t read them yet, I would humbly beg that you go read the books on your iPad or Kindle or nook or whathaveyou. Read them in your browser, as you can download them both, for free, from and then, if you like them, go vote for them.

You can vote for Verano the Fish in the Best Picture Book categoryThe History of the Mayan Ball League is more of a Best Humor sort of book.

Both of these books will require a little extra work on your part, and for that I apologize, profusely. You’ll need to write in the entries. Like so:

Writing in Verano the Fish
Writing in Verano the Fish

Same goes for The History of the Mayan Ball League.

And once you’ve done it, like the voting sticker you receive at the booth, you get a nice little pat on the back, social media-style:

I voted!
I voted!


So please, go vote for Verano the Fish and The History of the Mayan Ball League at the Goodreads Choice Awards 2013. I have just the thing to wear on the red carpet, and some sparkling acceptance speeches to give.