Saint Patrick’s Next Trick in the Twisted Tales 2014 Competition

Hey there, so “Saint Patrick’s Next Trick,” which some of you may have read as a special thank you gift from me, is up on the Raging Aardvark’s Twisted Tales 2014 competition, which is hosted by EtherBooks.

If I want a shot at the People’s Choice Award, I am told, I have until the end of July 14th (midnight GMT) to have as many people as possible down my story with the EtherBooks app (which is available for iPhones, iPads, and whatever devices run Android).

So I would really appreciate it if you would run out, buy an iPhone, download the EtherBooks app, log in, select the Discover tab on the bottom of the screen, tap All Genres for the genre list, and choose Competitions.

The High Cross in Dysart
The High Cross in Dysart

You can find Twisted Tales entries on the app by selecting Discover from the bottom menu, tapping All Genres for the genre list, and choosing Competitions. Then select Twisted Tales 2014, tap on the Entries tab. Maybe take a break and make yourself a cup of tea. Mutter about how you always go that step above and beyond for friends and you don’t know quite why you do it all the time.

Get back to your device (don’t leave it on the sink like that last time!) and scroll through the list of entries. Look for Saint Patrick’s Next Trick. Don’t touch *anything* else. Just keep scrolling. If it’s not there, try going back up to the top of the list. Pull down on the list (ignore my earlier comment about not touching anything else). The list may or may not have refreshed. Scroll down again and try and find Saint Patrick’s Next Trick. If it helps, imagine yourself on an exciting treasure hunt. Where the treasure is *reading* and *gold*! Well, metaphorical gold, in the form of reading, but still.

Alternatively, you can go directly to my story by clicking this link, this one right here.

I don’t know how that helps you, because it just tells you to go download the app and then find the story, but maybe you can search for the story by name, “Saint Patrick’s Next Trick,” or by *my* name, “Matthew Hanlon.”

And if your spouse gets a little angry or upset that you went out and purchased a new phone or tablet just to vote for me with your download, send them my way and I’ll explain how they, too, need to rush out and get a new iDevice to vote for my story in the People’s Choice Award in the 2014 Twisted Tales competition.


Thank you, and good night.